Introduction to Our Four Child Companies

We are proud to present our parent company and its four thriving child companies, each excelling in its unique domain and contributing to our overall success and growth. Together, they form a dynamic and diverse group, serving various markets and customers with innovative solutions and exceptional services. Allow us to introduce you to each of our child companie


1. [wsmindia]:

Welcome to WSMINDIA Education ERP, We are one of the market leading company who provides world-class global service to its associated Clients, also we provide consistent support and help to the Clients in better understanding of our products and services. We have analysis 113+ education system of India & abroad and develop ERP modules such as Attendance, Visitor, Branch Management, Exam,

Website, GPS Tracking, and more to easily track work or task and serve updated report about an education institute’s Admin Staffs, Students, Parents, and Teachers through notification, e-mail and SMS. We are the team of young and passionate people who are ready to face tough challenges on the path of success.

2. [Web Solution Media]:

What sets Websolutionus apart, we believe in our commitment to providing actual value to our consumers. In the business, our dedication and quality are unrivaled. We're more than a technology service provider. We care as much about our customer’s achievements as we do about our own, therefore we share business risks with them so they may take chances with technological innovations.

3. []:

Online Member Directory makes communication between the members of your organization simple and easy! Sitting safely in the cloud, our powerful database software provides 24/7 access to up-to-date member information from any computer or mobile device. Our free mobile app and unlimited messaging allow your users to connect and engage like never before.

Our program is perfect for almost any group including schools, athletic organizations, retirement homes, businesses and more!
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